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Rare Art Deco Home Has KKK Ties, But Could Dazzle

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Estately has listed this extremely rare (for Atlanta) art deco-style fixer-upper for $995,000. But the as-is Evans-Cucich House — a National Register of Historic Places landmark that sits just north of Bobby Jones Golf Course — comes with a questionable past. The four-bedroom, 5,500 square-foot behemoth in Buckhead's Haynes Manor neighborhood is set to be renovated by John Willis Custom homes, who has blueprints at the ready. But, naturally, the listing makes no mention of the fact that it was built in the 1930s by none other than an Imperial Wizard of the KKK, Hiram Evans, who held that position from 1922-1939; historical tidbits such as those don't tend to sell homes. In fairness, plenty of historic properties in the South and elsewhere have KKK connections; the fact isn't deterring Stone Mountain tourists. Disregarding its unfortunate provenance, the house intrigues, from a design standpoint. A lack of renovations means historic detailing abounds. That also means it needs some work. When we featured this home last year, we did some sleuthing and found interior shot that revealed the good (terrazzo floors, pseduo-Egyptian detailing, and original moldings), the bad (rotting hardwoods, general dinginess) and the ugly (that kitchen will haunt your dreams).

· 306 Peachtree Battle Ave. NW [Estately]
· More interior shots [Peak of Chic]