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Midtown Bungalow Asks $450K; Will Charm Pants Off

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This charming but pricey Midtown brick bungalow continues the trend of listings that namecheck The Beltline and Ponce City Market. The location is top-notch, and those amenities are nearby, as is Piedmont Park, so why the hell not mention that, eh? Anyhow, for $450,000 and 1,464 square feet, you're not getting a manse, but the 1925 home does include three bedrooms, nine-foot ceilings, high-end appliances and a nifty mix of period and modern touches. Out back, there's lush landscaping and a detached garage/workshop. The scary basement also has potential. This one last sold in 2007 for $375,000 and may have been upgraded since then.

·734 Ponce De Leon Court NE [Zillow]