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Whatever Happened To ... The Atlanta Connector Project

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On the heels of a visioning session two years ago, the Atlanta Connector Project whipped up serious buzz, as media, city boosters and the general public wondered if the initiative might make the massive swath of asphalt that bisects Midtown and downtown something to be proud of. Something that might entice transients to visit the ATL. Something pretty to gaze upon while you suck exhaust in gridlock. Renderings depicted the Connector's demure walls morphing into plant-encrusted works of art, and bridges becoming light-show spectacles. Last summer came word of a $200,000 state grant, which should be enough to paint a few trashcans and fences. Then another encouraging Connector initiative came last fall.

Two business groups — the Midtown Alliance and Central Atlanta Progress — unveiled plans in October to raise $8.5 million to enhance the aesthetics of five key bridges between the Turner Field and the Brookwood Interchange. "The Connector is a port of entry for Georgia's largest city ... but it's not particularly uplifting," Kevin Green, president of the Midtown Alliance, told the Atlanta Business Chronicle at the time. "We're looking to give our front door a major face-lift."

Since then, pretty much, silence ... To see the initial, inspiring YouTube clip for the Atlanta Connector Project's Visual Enhancement Initiative, head over here.

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