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New Falcons Stadium: The Losing Designs, Unveiled

The Atlanta Business Chronicle, which has provided dew-like coverage of developments with the new $1 billion Atlanta Falcons stadium, has pulled the old Fourth Estate ace in the hole — an open records request — to unveil the stadium proposals that didn't make the cut. The main takeaway from the newspaper's findings: The four firms not named 360 Architecture put some serious thought and time into their pitches to build the retractable-roof roost, which Falcons owner Arthur Blank has promised will be iconic. Some firms even illustrated ideas for connecting their hypothetical stadiums with neighborhoods like Castleberry Hill, Vine City and English Avenue. A Georgia World Congress Center Authority official said the design concepts, however, counted for only 25 percent of the total score. The rest: merit.

Interestingly, the newspaper spoke with a top official at winning firm 360 Architecture, who said his team had to prepare its presentation without talking to Falcons brass or GWCCA officials. Nonetheless, a member of the latter group gushed to the newspaper over 360 Architecture's "Pantheon" design, declaring: "It competes with some of the best designs that you see in the world ? It would add a lot to the positive idea of the rebirth of Atlanta."

Approval for a conceptual design could come as early as next month, the newspaper reports. Design approval is expected to happen this fall, and design development approval in April. There's a $35 million cap for design fees.

It's worth having a look at the Atlanta Business Chronicle recap of all five pitches, in which the proposals are summarized and the finalists ranked.

And here's a glimpse at the potential winners from 360 Architecture, both simply ideas at this point (below). Curbed Atlanta readers heavily favored the first design in this exhaustively scientific poll.

The "Pantheon" concept: