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Indictment Sale: Troubled Bigwig Hocks Buckhead Manse

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Ever wanted to follow in the real estate footsteps of the federally indicted former president of a baby clothes corporation? If you're also in the market for a French-inspired, $5.5-million mansion in Buckhead's swanky Tuxedo Park neighborhood, you're a) the luckiest and b) the oddest person on Earth! This "perfectly Parisian" (read: good-looking exterior, gaudy interior) crib is almost 8,000 square feet and includes a wine cellar, media room and "boundless" French doors. It also, according to tax records, is being sold by Joseph Pacifico — who is (unless there's another uber-wealthy Joseph Pacifico in ATL) the under-indictment former president of Atlanta-based Carter's, the huge kid's clothing company. According to the feds, Pacifico is accused of "trying to hide a multi-million-dollar fraud, lying to shareholders, and committing additional crimes in the course of the attempted cover-up." Yeah, yeah, yeah ? how about those 14-foot ceilings! How about four bedrooms, five full baths! How about that big ol' garden! Tax records show Pacifico bought the manse for $5.5 million in 2006, not far off the current asking price of $5.495 mill.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

· 3850 Tuxedo Road [Estately]