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This Celebrated, $3.9M Manse Oozes Stuffy Lameness

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This 9,829 square-foot whopper has been the subject of AJC and magazine features, because people are generally entranced by excess, no matter how priggish. Our opinions are just that — subjective and perhaps flawed viewpoints — but there's something about white banisters, extravagant chandeliers and plush drapery that gets our collective goats. So, for $3.9 million, you can have all that, plus four upstairs suites, Augusta-grade landscaping and "one of Atlanta's finest cul-de-sac streets," the broker flaunts. To be fair, it's tough to quibble with such a grand pool, the Napa-esque wine cellar or the handsome media room. Beyond all else, this listing illustrates the power of creative, professional photography in selling a home. No whited-out kitchens with obnoxious shadows here. Take heed, ye sellers with point-and-shoot Kodaks and on-camera flashes.
· 4168 Randall Court [Estately]