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Condo Hunting? Behold Our More Modern ATL Favorites

For those of you thinking about a condo purchase, we've been counting up some of Atlanta's more notable buildings through the years. In the latter half of the 20th Century, large-scale residential buildings became a more common feature of our cityscape. Given that Atlanta's population exploded during that period, it was right in line with the times. We've intentionally left this current decade up in the air, as condo construction has taken a beating recently. But it's probably safe to say we'll see at least a few towers rise before 2020.

Plaza Towers (1969)
2575 Peachtree Road NW

Quite a few condo buildings rise just south of Peachtree Road's Jesus Junction, but none can match the retro cool factor of Plaza Towers. Interesting factoid: The twin towers were built as condos at a time when Atlanta wasn't quite ready for them; after being quickly converted to apartments, they nevertheless reverted back to their original function in 1979. The maximum number of four units per floor accounts for some spacious digs, all made open and airy by the minimal number of interior columns.

Colony House and Hanover House (1975)
145/147 15th St.

Taking their visual cues from the landmark Unite d'Habitation in Marseille, France, the condo buildings that make up the residential component of Colony Square aren't for the faint of heart. And that's why we love them. From the textured concrete, to the full height windows, to the multi-level "cross-over" floorplans, there's no mistaking a Colony Square condo. The Peachtree at 14th Street location is prime, and the views over Ansley Park unforgettable. The only drawbacks we can think of are the higher-than-average HOA fees.

Park Place on Peachtree (1986)
2660 Peachtree Road NW

Like a brash set of shoulderpads, PPoP stands out from the rest of the area's condo towers with ... confidence! But it's not about the exterior's shortcomings when the perks inside are this sweet (not to mention the incredible views available from oversize balconies). Among other things, we're talking a wine cellar, primo fitness center, pool, 24-hour maintenance and valet parking, all at a snazzy Buckhead address. Hey, it was good enough for Elton John and Oprah.

Above the Four Seasons (1992)
75 14th St.

These units made waves when first constructed, since up until that point the South had little experience with luxury condos. Sure a lot of the homes show their age now, but it's hard to replicate a location that's above the city's only Mobile Five Star Hotel. As expected, residents enjoys luxurious perks, including membership to the Four Seasons Health Club. For a little bit extra, they can also take advantage of in-house dry cleaning, room service and housekeeping — talk about the suite life! Rumor has it Charles Barkley has a pad here, which isn't terrible.

Plaza Midtown (2006)
950 West Peachtree St.

The 2000s saw Atlanta go condo crazy, so it's not like there weren't plenty of options to choose from for this decade. Why did Plaza Midtown edge out the competition? One word: Publix. It's on the ground floor, and it makes life pretty stinkin' convenient when all you have to do is go downstairs for the carton of eggs you forgot. And for those of you who like some transit in your life, the Midtown Marta Station is right next door. Sounds pretty smart to us.

And here's a look at Atlanta's more notable condo towers from 1910s to 1950s.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Jonathan Carnright

Colony Square

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