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$399K High-rise Condo Screams For Total Gutting

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For $399,000, one lucky buyer can live high Above The Four Seasons — in all the opulence of your first post-college apartment! (If you graduated two decades ago, that is). From the 31st floor of the iconic Midtown tower, enjoy sweeping views of cushy gray carpet, emerald countertops and pristine banks of white cabinetry. This two-bedroom, two-bath unit is coined a "gem" by the broker, who neglected to add "in the rough." Sure, it's seems sub-$400,000 could be a fair ask for the five-star amenities alone — the huge saltwater pool, valet parking, the very short commute to Park 75 Restaurant and Lounge. And while the balcony has the aesthetic appeal of the Days Inn Daytona Beach, the south/west facing views certainly bedazzle. At 1,600 square feet, there's room for improvement, and the location ain't too shabby. · 75 14th St. Unit 3110 [Estately]