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Westside's Story: Apartment Influx Is Coming Soon

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Call it Westside, West Midtown, whatever — apartment construction activity is humming on intown Atlanta's western flank. More than 400 apartments are set to open by early next year, and as with several populating districts around town, these projects are in various stages of development, from zoning talks to near-completion. Patch notes this week that the four-story "Walton Westside" project, near the Goat Farm Arts Center, is slated to bring 250 apartments to the area by next spring. Practically around the corner, construction is much further along on a seven-story development called "Elan Westside" at the corner of 14th Street and Howell Mill, which projects an opening this summer. With that development, expect 197 apartments and 11,000 square feet of retail — some of which is rumored to be leased by a second Fado pub and restaurant.

Venturing south on Howell Mill Road, we find the site of a proposed mixed-use development by Perennial Properties that would inject another 230 apartments and 9,000 square feet of retail. That project, which would consume about three acres on Howell Mill near The Optimist restaurant, could be delivered by the fall of 2014, Perennial officials have previously said.

As Creative Loafing noted earlier this year, the potential influx of residents, shoppers and bar/restaurant patrons could bring further woes for an area already plagued with traffic clogs, especially during rush hours. City officials have teamed with a Georgia Tech professor to study ways to ease congestion while making the Westside a generally nicer place to be. But any initiative would of course require funding, and money for civic transit initiatives hasn't exactly been sprouting from the sassafras.

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