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Specifics Unveiled For Betline's Next Extension

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The well-publicized destruction of the Edgewood Avenue bridge has kicked up interest in the Beltline's pending extension southward. In response, Betline officials have prepared an insightful — and, dare we say, encouraging — list of updates. Following the groundswell of patronage for the Eastside Trail's 2.25-mile path, Beltline officials have been fielding myriad questions about the trail's extension through Reynoldstown to Glenwood Park, which has potential to thin the crowds. In short, per the Beltline's website: "The next two years will see a dramatic transformation to this segment with trail construction and bike (and) pedestrian improvements." Meanwhile, corridor design is under way for the southwest segment (from Glenwood Avenue way down into southwest Atlanta) and another corridor on the southwest side of the city. But first things first. Find a rundown of upcoming Beltline extensions and obstacles after the jump.

When the new Edgewood Avenue bridge is complete (scheduled for early 2014, with a ramp and stairs connecting Edgewood Avenue to the Beltline), construction will commence on the current trail from Irwin Street to DeKalb Avenue. Beltine officials have said this extension is fully funded; a Woodruff Foundation grant is helping the trail eventually reach Memorial Drive, near the Glenwood community. Beyond that, funding is pending.

Once the trail reaches DeKalb Avenue, the logistics get pretty complicated.

Beltine and PATH Foundation officials are working with the city to devise pedestrian and bike improvements to Krog Street and DeKalb Avenue. (Plans are being drafted as to how exactly Betline patrons will cross busy DeKalb). The most sensible route for the trail to head south, officials say, is through the Krog Street Tunnel. Before you shriek, know that improvements to tunnel sidewalks and additional lighting are planned; cyclists will traverse the tunnel in the street, but in a protective sharrow (that is, painted symbols indicating bikes can use a lane of traffic). The street itself will be resurfaced. Sound feasible, ye Beltline patrons?

As for the remaining segments to Memorial Drive, Beltline officials offer this rundown:

Krog Street along Wylie Street to the railroad corridor:
Making a left (east) out of the Krog Tunnel, the path will continue along Wylie Street with bicycle improvements and streetscapes.

From Wylie Street to Memorial Drive:
Just before Flat Shoals Avenue, the path re-enters the old railroad corridor and continues south to Memorial Drive, with one at-grade crossing at Kirkwood Avenue and a ramp connection to Mauldin Street /Fulton Terrace.

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