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Gatsby Gone South: Atlanta's Old School Mega-Mansions

Opulence. Extravagance. A refined party-time atmosphere. Flapping, whatever the hell that is. The soon-to-be-released film version of "The Great Gatsby" — starring dreamboat Leo DiCaprio — reminds us (nerds) of the lifestyle F. Scott Fitzgerald described and Jay Gatsby embodied. So do these Atlanta super-mansions, all listed somewhere between $10 and $20 million. They come with all the amenities of today and some of the 1920s feel — and none of the drama.

- 490 West Paces Ferry Road; List Price: $19.9 million

Here's Atlanta's most expensive home, and the most Gatsbyiest in the lot. This nine-bedroom, 13-bath behemoth boasts unique tile and woodwork, chandeliers and a few truckloads worth of antique furniture. Owned by Lee "Big Poppa" Najjar (the former love interest of Real Housewives "star" Kim Zolciak), this crib's had plenty of screen-time too — in the awful "Three Stooges" movie and as Bill Murray's abode in "Zombieland," as well as a couple of appearances on reality TV.

- 65 Valley Road; List Price: $14.9 million

This one was actually built in a Gatsby-ish era: 1934. With one of those old school studies (with the awesome built-in bookshelves), 10 fireplaces and "period furniture and rugs," it's got 11 beds and 12 baths spread across about 11,400 square feet. Throw in pools, tennis courts and a guest house, and this manse definitely has a West Egg kind of feel.

- 1867 West Wesley Road; List Price: $10.5 million

At $10.5 mill, this one's not quite as extravagant as the first two Gatsby-esque manses, but we're working on a sliding scale here. It sits on three private acres and features an outdoor pool, as well as a wine cellar, game room and rec room (the latter two which are different things, apparently). With a sweeping staircase, "intricate chandeliers" and more of those built-in-wall bookcases, this one ain't too shabby either.

· All listings via Redfin

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep