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Penthouse Offers One Helluva Balcony, Very Odd Flourishes

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First, let's highlight the positives: It's not every day you find a spacious, covered balcony with 300-degree views. In spring, and with the right gear, a fairly large family could live on this balcony, soaking in sunsets that stretch from downtown to Perimeter Mall. Inside, though, things get interesting. Sure, there's a roomy 3,000 square feet here — but is that a double-decker fireplace? A skylight running the length of kitchen, tossing bountiful light off those marble (granite?) backsplashes? The ceilings in some rooms could double as geometry lessons. And something about the aesthetic, overall, screams tennis community, which is fine and good, but somehow unsettling when juxtaposed with those glorious views. Anyhow, the ask is $1.169 million. You buying?
· 3530 Piedmont Road NE Unit #4 [Zillow]