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This 1920 Inman Park Charmer Is Asking $599,000

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Remarkably, this rehabbed charmer in Inman Park has lasted on the market for more than a few days, but then again the $599,000 ask ain't exactly chump change. Virtually all of its listed, single-family neighbors are pending sale, which speaks to the nabe's unique appeal and the market's general sizzle. This home last sold in 2001 — ostensibly as a dump — for $165,000. The broker assures us the entire 2,048 square-foot abode has been rebuilt in the last decade, save the classic 1920 façade. Beyond its location, perks include fenced front and back yards, a rocking-chair front porch, pretty finishes and the potential to add a fourth bedroom by simply erecting a wall upstairs. The overall aesthetic is traditional but clean. Admittedly, we haven't pulled many comps in the area, but could the price hold this place back for long?
· 827 Lake Ave. NE [Zillow]