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Frank-Lloyd-Wrightian Home Shines in Collier Hills

An architecture degree is definitely not required to sense how the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright radiates from this 1960 Collier Hills dwelling. The place is one degree of separation from having been designed by the legend himself; its creator was Robert Green, an FLW apprentice and mastermind of many retro cool Atlanta pads. In true Wrightian fashion, the building is cozily nestled into its secluded setting (near the Beltline!) and exudes warm Modernism (not an oxymoron!) inside and out.

Slick and cold this is not. Warm wood tones and brick walls dominate a pretty killer open floor plan; exterior views consist of trees, trees, and also trees. Luckily, the changes made over the years respected the original design, and they should have: Green returned in 1987 to create a den/study over the carport. The 1998 kitchen and bath renos look pretty, well, '90s, but we've seen worse. Overall, $950,000 sounds in the ballpark for a sweet piece of Atlanta architectural memorabilia in like-new condition.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Jonathan Carnright

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