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Cutesy Bridge Highlights This $605K Fixer-Upper

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Need proof that Buckhead real estate is no laughing matter? Look no further than this 1955 classic near Lenox Square. In the wilds of Kennesaw, an all-original like this might command in the high $100s. But in an area of town where dirt's worth its weight in gold, a $605,000 asking price isn't completely out of the question. No doubt the eventual buyer will have his/her blinders fixed on the lovely, deep lot — there's even a cutesy bridge! — so there's little question the house is really an afterthought in this listing. Even so, these interior shots provide some healthy guffaws in their waning days.

A combination living room/dining room/kitchen really is a stroll through late-20th century decorating, with all those lovely decades well represented. The beams and vaulted ceilings are obviously original to the house, but when the '70s rolled around some serious renovations came to town. There's a healthy dose of cheap wood paneling, and a veritable color spectrum, consisting of turquoise saloon doors, putrid yellow countertops, and ovens in the unhealthiest shade of green. The '80s dining set is coming to a Salvation Army near you. Lastly, the '90s cherry in the great room seems like an uninvited houseguest. Is it just us or is that yellow-ish bathroom the definition of claustrophobia? The painted cinderblock in the "finished" basement isn't gaining any favors from the set of recliners that may or may not have been the site of a few natural deaths over the years. Did we mention the little bridge?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Jonathan Carnright

· 1075 Ferncliff Road NE [Estately]