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Asking $52K, Could This Be Atlanta's Smallest Condo?

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If there's one facet — among a million facets — that truly separates Atlanta real estate from Manhattan's, it's the dearth of studio condo units here. Studios rarely bleep on our ultra-sophisticated "On the Market" radars. Maybe Atlantans just can't be so cooped up? Anyhow, this sprawling 436 square-foot unit has been on and off the market more times than a Kardashian. But at $52,000, could it find a space-averse buyer at last? Someone who enjoys feeling coddled by their condo? The views from this 37th floor balcony are probably stellar, but it's hard to tell because the listing photos were taken in London. The 1989 building boasts tennis courts, racquetball and a pool to tire Michael Phelps. While the listing claims the building sits "in the heart of Midtown" we know it's more like Midtown's superior vena cava.
· 1280 W. Peachtree St. NW [Zillow]