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Under Ickiness, There's A Midcentury Modern Jewel Here

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The Northcrest subdivision (near Spaghetti Junction) has been a hotbed of renovation in recent years, owing to its stellar supply of midcentury modern gems and the public's general fascination with everything Mad Men. Among its "before" shots is this 1968 cutie, ripe for the renovation dollar. It's got the funky curb appeal that's made the neighborhood a favorite among Atlanta's design geeks, and as an added bonus, the roof's already been replaced for you. Huzzah!

No doubt a few more exterior improvements would go a long way — that yard, some general freshening up — but it's the inside that really needs some love. Fingers crossed the hardwoods in the rest of the rooms are waiting for a second chance under that newish but blah carpet. While you're at it, chuck the front door and sidelights with their decidedly un-retro leaded glass and paneling.

A purist may want to retain the original appliances in the kitchen, but some reconfiguration and new cabinetry would bring it up to 21st Century standards faster than you could say "Design Within Reach." Same goes for the bathrooms, although the tile isn't the worst we've seen. A basement in desperate need of new flooring rounds out the offerings at this four-bedroom handyman's special, priced at $229,900. Bring on the weekend warriors!

"That's Rather Promising" is a new feature on Curbed Atlanta, highlighting the area's diamonds in the rough that need a little TLC before reaching full potential. Don't fret: Qualified properties are still subject to "That's Rather Hideous" status. See here and here.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Jonathan Carnright

· 3378 Lynnray Drive [Estately]