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Bricky Three-Bedroom Home In Va-Hi Drops Price

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Here's an anomaly: A spacious intown home that's not only lasted more than a week on the market, but has undergone a price reduction. Baring a crack in the foundation or an infestation of feral cats, it's tough to see why. The $459,000 ask (slashed by $10,000 earlier this month) is still a lot to swallow, but it seems in line with comps in the heart of always-desirable Virginia-Highland. Built in 2000, the all-brick home has three bedrooms and three baths among nearly 1,900 square feet — in addition to a two-car garage and two balconies, the highest with skyline views. That being said, the home lacks the historic charm of its craftsman counterparts, and the finishes and fixtures are not going to win design competitions. It's touted by the broker as a "walker's paradise" and, with a Walkscore of 85, that description seems pretty accurate.
· 823 Saint Charles Ave. NE [Zillow]