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Love It, Hate It, This Modernist Wonderland Wants $2.9M

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In Buckhead, we find this timeless-modern paradox that's perfect for raising messy kids and keeping a big shaggy dog that lives for playing in the mud. We kid. So blindingly white is the interior of this Mediterranean-style five-bedroom manse it blurs the line between vertical and horizontal, resulting in infinity rooms to match the backyard pool. It's minimalism that makes a loud statement. And in a section of Atlanta known for heavy-handed, traditional gaudiness, this place is awesome — though it could certainly be Exhibit A for "minimalist equals cold, let's get some damn fuchsia in here" detractors. Built in 1925, the property underwent a Keith Summerour renovation in 2007, with internationally known designer Barbara Hill on board to make the interior as polarizing as possible. (Aside from the onslaught of bright white, light fixtures resembling alien probes tend to do that). The ask is $2.89 million. Advice to buyers: retain a tireless maid.
· 491 Peachtree Battle Avenue NW [Estately]