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Why Nothing Grates Like A Loafing Breakfast Chef

According to TripAdvisor, the Wingate by Wyndham Atlanta — 3600 Piedmont Road — is the No. 1-rated hotel in the city. Five-circle (dots? bullseyes?) ratings abound on the site. Those that do complain about their stay, it seems, are just generally kind of lame. Or weird.

Writes Cryptic Capitalization Lover Gerd B.: "Only Thing what we Would like to have been improved was the Motivation of the Cook in the Morning."

Wouldn't we all, Gerd.

Jill S., the fashionista, was equally unimpressed: "I went to put my things in the safe, which was still locked from the previous guest, so had to carry my horrible looking purse to the evening event ?"

Dearest Jill: We sincerely hope a travesty such as the one you describe did not, in fact, ruin your life.

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