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Pissy Reviewer Was Sleepless In Atlanta

The Georgian Terrace — that big triangular guy across Peachtree from the Fox — is an old hotel. It was built in the early 1900s and hosted the gala for the premiere (like, the premiere) of "Gone with the Wind." It typically gets pretty solid reviews, with any complaints generally stemming from the hotel's sheer age: things like showers or elevators going out, no hot water, etc. Cynthia from Minneapolis, though, she wasn't too stoked about those durn fat people downstairs.

"It all started this morrning (sic) at around 6," Cynthia wrote last month. "Apparently the hotel is hosting Biggest Loser auditions this fine Saturday morning. Never mind that the line up started under our window at the crack of dawn sounding like a fraternity party with screaming, woo-wooing, and nonstop yelling that kept us from sleeping." There were also "many vagrants and panhandlers in the perimeter," a phrase guaranteed to get a sigh from most ATLiens.

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