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Astute Reviewer Says: "Carpets was DISGUSTING"

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If you choose to stay at the aptly named Hotel ATL — walking distance from the Georgia Aquarium and the Tabernacle, among other cool attractions — you best beware the carpet. La S., a Yelper from around these parts, started off her review of the old Days Inn at 300 Spring Street NW with this: "First of all: Congratulations! You've managed to find information about the LEAST SEARCHABLE HOTEL NAME ever." Touche. She follows it up by calling the room she rented for Dragon*Con "made up of pretty gnarly '80s Days Inn leftovers" — then echoed sentiments similar to Valerie C. from Albany ("the carpet was missing or coming away from the floor or wall") and the less grammatically adept Massimo F. from Birmingham ("Carpets was DISGUSTING"). But hey, you guys — significant renovations are in the works.
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