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Green-Light For Buckhead's 'Gateway' Design

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The green-minded design for a $5-million renovation to Buckhead's "Gateway" — a shorter way to say the entrance from Ga. 400 to Lenox Road — got the go-ahead this week. BuckheadView reports the Buckhead Community Improvement District approved the design by urban planner Peter Dray, noting that it would combine "some of the community's historical architectural and landscaping elements with the modern architectural elements of its new developments." In short, it's gonna look pretty wicked (if the GDOT approves it, which it's yet to do). There could be "mini-park" space along the off- and on-ramps, new trees, "basket-weave walls" and 48-foot LED light towers would certainly add to an otherwise dreary concrete ambiance.

According to BuckheadView, the plan wouldn't eliminate any traffic lanes (thank God), but the bridge over 400 would be widened "to provide a friendly, walkable pedestrian space" — aided by a set of double curbs to prevent incidents. The aforementioned walls are aimed at reducing noise and allowing "for viewing (of) the community surrounding the gateway." They'll theoretically tie into similar walls planned for those lining the PATH400 Trail.

In odd and potentially ominous phrasing, Drey (the planner) reportedly told the CID that his design conforms to "almost all" of GDOT's guidelines. Seems like a year of planning would've ironed that out ?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

· CID gives thumbs up to Buckhead 'Gateway' design — a greener entrance from GA 400 to Lenox Road [BuckheadView]