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Holyfield's Absurd Mega-Mansion Back On The Market

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Evander Holyfield's holy-crap-that's-huge former Fayetteville mansion is back on the market. Holyfield — Atlanta's very own heavyweight champ — sold his insanely large 45,000 square-foot crib to a bank for $7.5 million last year, which, in actuality, was more of a bath than a champagne shower (considering he reportedly owed more than twice that on the property). Now it's for sale again, at $8.2 million. As the "largest single family home in GA," the 12-bedroom, 21-bath shrine to egomania's listing notes that it's "been featured on shows like Drop Dead Diva," but makes no mention of the champ. The fact that it's located at 794 Evander Holyfield Highway isn't exactly inconspicuous. Built in 1994, it currently rests on more than 100 acres, which could've been sufficient for Holyfield's 12 kids (and their six different mommas).

If you hadn't noticed, pretty much — strike that, everything — is obnoxiously large about this one. The dining room seats 100 guests. The backyard pool is more than 350,000 gallons, which makes it one of the largest private pools in America. It has 109 rooms. The "second home" on the property weighs in at a hefty 4,000 square feet itself. It all sounds fine and dandy, but caveat emptor, you guys — Holyfield once told the AJC it cost him about $1 million buckaroos a year to operate the thing, and that electricity bills were in the $17K range. All that said, the decor is actually, in a word, reasonable. Whaddya think? Got a few million to blow?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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