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Face-Off: Which Is Atlanta's Best Hotel District?

If the inaugural Curbed Atlanta Hotels Week has taught us anything, it's this: The Big Peach has an eclectic slate of lodging options befitting the capitol of Southern hospitality. We have time-tested icons and snazzy newcomers, upper-crust grand dames and nefarious boutiques that capitalize on perverse niches. But we've learned something else, too. Where other cities might have two broader options (downtown hotels versus blander suburban options, for instance), Atlanta has three distinct districts, within its slim city limits. With all things considered, we ask you, Curbed Reader, to vote for which district you'd recommend to our millions upon millions of yearly transients.

This moneyed Atlanta district is studded with grand dame hotels and huge corporate chains.

Home to hip hotel scenes and a five-star lodging stalwart.

A collection of Atlanta's most iconic hotel properties — and the tourist attractions to fill them.

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