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Behind This Door: A Midtown Condo Asking, Um, $34K

Imagine a $127/month mortgage in Midtown. Imagine a 10-minute stroll from your porch to Piedmont Park. Now ignore the fact your home is a dungeon-like shoebox with purple walls and a white kitchen, and what you're left with is ? sweetest joy. Unfortunately, those dreams will probably have to remain hypothetical, because this extraordinarily cheap, 600 square-foot unit near Mary Mac's Team Room is pending sale at $34,000. But it illustrates that insane deals exist for those willing to sacrifice the usual comforts Atlanta properties afford, like windows. The 1955 building seems solid enough, and this unit last sold in 2006 for nearly three times as much ($111,000). So unless this place was the headquarters of the Southeastern Animal Sacrifice Alliance, or even if it was, it's safe to say someone with the capital to spruce up the joint is getting one helluva bargain.
· 699 Argonne Ave. NE Apt. 2 [Zillow]