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Popcorn Ceilings, AstroTurf And Nicotine-Colored Ovens!

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Out in the far reaches of Roswell sits this 1973 doozie of a ranch, replete with original finishes and truly unfortunate decorating. Thus, it's one of those double-whammies we live for. Things are bad the moment one steps foot in the place, the first impression being cheap parquet flooring, popcorn ceilings and a collection of drapes in the worst shade of green. Scratch that — the kitchen flooring takes top honors for green violations ... or is it the Granny Smith carpet in the master bedroom? It's a tough call. Speaking of the kitchen, updates to the counter and backsplash were surely done with the best of intentions, but the contrast between the new fridge and the nicotine-colored, vintage double ovens steals the show. Unfortunately, the bathrooms received no such renovations; the powder room's covered in disturbing stripes and the master bath is cringe-inducing. Without the proximity of decent schools, and cool retro bones that have potential, this place might have been hopeless. All yours for $229,900.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Jonathan Carnright
· 11540 Northgate Way [Clickscape]