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Great Gardens, Awful Interiors For Sale In Sandy Springs

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The Griffith House is for sale, and it's a millionaire gardener's dream: The historical mansion is perched on eight acres in Sandy Springs (about a mile OTP) and its gardens, ponds and walking trails are featured annually on tours sponsored by the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and other private groups. The interior, though, is a little more nightmarish. And weird. And confusing. And, in many ways, just plain ugly. Built in 1929, weighing in at just over 7,000 square feet and on the market for $5.75 million, this massive crib on Heards Ferry Road has an endurable stone facade, six beds and baths, a library, pool and tennis courts — inside, it has what looks to be a bizarre mix of furniture, colors and eras.

Judging by an extensive photo gallery, the Griffith House features both marble floors and rustic, cabin-style rooms; it's got a cramped, leathery library and a deluxe Mediterranean-themed kitchen; it's got some type of modernist split-level, glass-sided staircase and several "one of a kind rare works of art" (read: odd, mismatched). The history of the place is actually fairly hard to track down, but we do know it's got a private owner and has apparently been listed for quite a while. So whaddya think: Got $6 mill to fork over for eight acres of camping space?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep
· 1295 Heards Ferry Road NW [Sothebys]