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Vintage Tudor in Ansley Park Just Needs Its 1980s Demons Exorcised

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Given the notorious value of Ansley Park real estate, even the most busted house on the block is "promising" — if only as a teardown. Luckily, this charming 1903 Tudor doesn't require such drastic measures. For starters, it certainly has strong street appeal going for it; mature landscaping and Ye-Olde styling come together for a scenic vignette. The exterior paint could use an update, but it seems like there's not a lot to fix when it comes to the building's architecture. From all appearances the last major renovation was in the 1980s , and unsurprisingly that's where most of the needed improvements seem to stem. The track lighting's got to go, and the golden oak plus Mexican tile combo is so tired it's asleep. Also, the Mac in the home office is totally out of place in a room that's basically wearing shoulder pads. But look on the bright side: the home retains beautiful flooring, spacious rooms, and a backyard that's its own secret garden. For $1,499,000 , you'd expect at least a few perks.