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What You (Probably) Don't Know About Krog Street Market

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Now that Krog Street Market has officially announced its first seven tenants (see below post for more), we at Curbed Atlanta got greedy. We wanted to know more — and, fortunately for you, we got it. An email Q&A between developer Paces Properties (the answers are a collaborative effort between project leaders David Cochran and George Banks) and Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep covers a lot, from future tenants, what to do with that artfully decaying old bridge and KSM's inspiration. Enjoy!

Q: What's the current timeline for opening?

A: Structor Group is scheduled to finish construction of KSM by the end of September. When construction is in its final stages Paces Properties will begin turning over individual suites to our tenants so they can then start their interior build-out of their premises. Opening dates for KSM's individual restaurants are currently moving targets, thus we will know more definitive dates in the months ahead. The Market portion of KSM is scheduled to be open before Christmas.

Q: Can you tip your hand as to what restaurants (other than those announced Wednesday) will open and when?

A: Regarding the rest, not at this time. We are in final lease negotiations with a handful of notable chefs/restaurateurs and a bunch of potential market tenants. We will be announcing additional restaurants and market tenant commitments soon. The level of tenant interest we've seen thus far at KSM has been beyond our expectations.

Q: What kind of retail did you all have in mind?

A: We saw (an) opportunity to develop a project that could be impactful on a number of levels. We'd been discussing a retail concept which incorporated alternative (and) typical retailers in an urban setting, but we kind of hit a wall as to how to do it and almost scrapped the concept completely. We hadn't considered the "urban market" concept as it's not prevalent in the Southeast. Researching led us to Melrose Market in Seattle, then we found Oxbow Market in Napa and finally The Ferry Building in San Francisco was last piece of puzzle and all the inspiration we needed. Our concept eventually became Krog Street Market.

Q: What else can folks expect, in terms of the market section of the development, and when?

A: Using those select few market projects referenced in (question above) as a guide, we developed a detailed merchandizing plan/tenant mix to provide KSM with the critical "market" components. KSM will have 20+ vendors within the market, selling a variety of food goods, artisanal products and some retail/hard goods. We wanted a mix of established restaurateurs and new operators for whom this might be their first storefront, and we will be providing just that. KSM will be a truly memorable place to shop, dine and experience wonderful food.

Q: How long until the development moves forward with plans for residential?

A: The master plan for Krog Street Market, as approved/entitled by AUDC, includes 50 residential units of new construction along Krog Street. At this time, the development of these 50 units is slated to occur in a later phase if the project.

Q: How will Krog Street's offerings differ from Ponce City Market?

A: Sorry, I didn't hear you. Please repeat the question.

(The interviewer, laughing, pauses.)

Q: Are there plans for rehabbing the artfully decaying old bridge that spans Krog Street? (See photo below)

A: The bridge over Krog Street is an icon in and of itself; we respect the history here. Unfortunately the bridge has suffered through many years of neglect. Thus far, our focus has been on restoring the structural integrity/stability of the bridge. When we have a bridge that is sound and standing relatively straight, we will look into the aesthetic modifications, if any.

Q: Will there be any type of special connection/interaction with the Beltline?

A: Not at this point.

Q: Are there plans for the older home left in the middle of the development? What are they? (See photo below)

A: We bought (the) 723 Lake Ave. parcel when we bought the KSM site and the Stove Works. We will literally move the entire house over to the corner of our parking lot, next to Waddell Street. "The Cottage" is what we have named it and a quality tenant (The Collective, offering home and garden, vintage, local arts and gifts) from the immediate area has already leased it.

Q: Any other cool features our readers should know about?

A: Details to come soon.