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Greasy Spoons; Waffle House; Krog Restaurants

This week's top dish from Eater Atlanta...

GREASY SPOONS WEEK— It's Greasy Spoons Week over on Eater Atlanta, y'all. Get the scoop on iconic greasy spoons, twelve greasy spoons open 24/7, and greasy spoons in greater Georgia. There's a lot more (like stories from Majestic Diner and chefs' favorite club sandwiches) through this link.

WAFFLE HOUSE WIRE— Can't talk about greasy spoons in Georgia without mentioning the Norcross-based Waffle House, right? Here's an interview with a "lifer" who had a regular buy her a car (!), a look into the Waffle House museum, which stands on the grounds of the very first ever WaHo location (fun fact: post-WaHo but pre-museum, it was a Chinese restaurant), and an essential guide to the best and worst Waffle Houses in the Atlanta area.

KROG STREET MARKETTop Chef alum and Atlanta chef Eli Kirshtein is opening an American-style Brasserie in Krog Street Market this spring. Also coming to the market? Grand Champion BBQ, a Tex-Mex place from Ford Fry, a charcuterie from the Spotted Trotted, and more. Get the details on those right here.

INMAN PARKJason Hill of Wisteria is opening a second restaurant in Inman Park. This one will be called Folk Art, and it's set to open in just a few weeks on North Highland Avenue, next door to Il Localino.