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A Heavy Heaping Of Expensive Ticky-Tacky ... In Loganville?

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Supersize me, indeed. From the school of overwrought megahomes comes this Walton County beast, weighing in at a hefty 17,767 square feet. Atlanta's surrounding communities are no strangers to deliciously tacky estates, but this one takes the wedding cake (architecture) with its bizarre Barbie Dreamhouse sensibility. Who comes up with this stuff? It's the ultimate in exurban maximalism, the kind of setting perfect for a Real Housewife. The home's grand entrance is just as modest as one would expect, with a massive rotunda in a metallic finish, lit niches and a chandelier worthy of a phantom or two. Just about every other room in the $1.98 million listing lives up to this first impression. The effect is somewhat stressful ... it's a little hard to concentrate on any one detail when every kind of trim, stone and wood finish option seems to have been exhausted. Who knew little ol' Loganville was harboring this kind of glamour?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Jonathan Carnright
· 1124 Moccasin Trail [Trulia]