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Ponce City Market Will Nod To History With Boxcar Feature

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Ponce City Market is planning a pretty cool homage to its history — and asking for suggestions of other ways to tie the redevelopment to its industrial past. In a recent blog post, the crew behind PCM — the ginormous mixed-use undertaking in the old Sears/City Hall East building — references an old aerial photo in which a train was parked on active rail lines to the building's south. That rail line, buried under concrete following a 1966 building extension, has been exhumed, and will become a new public feature of the building. It's gonna have direct Beltline access, too. "We have found the original rail under the concrete," the post reads, "and will put a boxcar on top of the old trestle as a tribute to the original use, and transform the space into an outdoor area for all to enjoy."

The addition — shown in some delicious new renderings released on PCM's blog — will be, to borrow the development's wording, in "the outdoor area central to the building facing North Avenue, just above the courtyard." The renderings make it appear a wooden bridge of sorts, lined with significant landscaping, will lead to a boxcar (of unspecified origin), which will provide the entryway to a patio-type area with umbrellaed tables. Project officials also asked for "any suggestions on other ways we could celebrate our history." So whatcha think? A museum of mail order catalogs? No?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

· Rebuilding History [Ponce City Market]

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