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Is Life On The Midtown Curve Worth A Half-Mil Plus?

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This two-bedroom unit at the 1010 Midtown building should appeal to buyers who can't exist without access to a sky terrace. The corner-unit floor plan lends a long curvy balcony with views that should last forever — or even be enhanced should John Dewberry build his legacy tower at 10th and Peachtree streets. For a two-bedroom condo, it's roomy at an eyelash shy of 1,400 square feet, with handsome hardwoods and custom closets and drapes. But is it worth the $539,000 ask? For Midtown walkability and a building that breaks the staid stylistic mode of other intown towers — maybe. That kind of money would go a whole lot farther in slightly less cosmopolitan parts of town. Anyhow, there's a pretty extraordinary added perk here: The killer handblown glass chandeliers come with the unit.
· 1080 Peachtree St. NE UNIT 1010 [Zillow]