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Margaret Mitchell, Er, Condo Finally Sells For $295,000

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Apparently nobody else gave a damn either. The former Atlanta home of "Gone With the Wind" author Margaret Mitchell — a historic condo, not the Margaret Mitchell House — recently sold for an all-things-considered paltry $295,000, down from the original May asking price of $310,000. The two-bedroom, two-bath condo is part of a 1920 building designed by prominent post-Civil War Atlanta architect Neel Reid. Nestled in the corner of Piedmont Avenue and South Prado, the brick building boasts "city views" and is right across the street from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Inside might be the reason Mitchell's former condo didn't get a bump in resale value. Thanks to what appears to be a completely redone interior, with hardwoods and all the modern accoutrements, you'd never know the condo was nearly 100 years old, much less be able to convincingly tell your friends Scarlett O'Hara's creator lived there — and that's, like, the whole point, right? Come to think of it, the top floor unit, coming in at 1,332 square feet, ain't exactly sprawling, either. But the location and backstory are primo.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

1 S. Prado NE [Redfin]