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Is An Uber-Modern Tower En Route To Midtown?

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A world-renowned team of uber-modern specialists may be working on a long-delayed, previously abandoned Midtown high-rise. As has been reported in recent weeks and months, it appears developer Tivoli is reviving its plans for a 25-story apartment tower on 13th Street (between Piedmont and Juniper), and, according to, has enlisted brokers at Cushman & Wakefield to raise equity for the project. Tracking down the webpage for that effort may have exposed a juicy little tidbit: The tower, it appears, will be called Yoo on the Park. Odd name, right? Not if you know that yoo (they prefer it lowercase) is a partnership between internationally known "property entrepreneur" John Hitchcox and designer Philippe Starck.

While the folks at Tivoli didn't respond to inquiries, and we're totally jumping to our own conclusions, the inclusion of yoo with a Midtown tower could be quite exciting (and interesting). The group prides itself on design-led, "landmark residential and hotel projects," and its "residences" page would throw a recovering house-porn addict off the wagon quicker than you can say "refined sophistication." The House by Starck and yoo towers over downtown Dallas, Texas, are pretty durn impressive. Might we see something similar added to the Piedmont Park skyline?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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