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Seeing Potential In An East Atlanta Tudor (Squinting Helps)

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Putting this East Atlanta Tudor into the "Promising" rather than "Hideous" category was a close call, but its location on a pretty street of other vintage homes helped push it into the hopeful bin. Regardless, the buyer has quite the project on their hands. While the 1930 home presents a decent dose of cozy charm to passersby, the inside isn't lacking for challenges. The kitchen's downright grody (if not horrifying). Popcorn ceilings and bad paint choices permeate. There's a general sense of deferred maintenance. In other words, it's a gut job. But look on the bright side: it's foreclosure/short sale priced without actually being either one of those, and if East Atlanta's proved anything it's that something way cool can come out of sweat and patience. Oh, and a bank account that's prepared for the surprise rotted joist or two.
· 627 Brownwood Ave [Coldwell Banker]
— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Jonathan Carnright