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For $750K, This Mammoth House Overlooks Piedmont

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Here sits a beefy, renovated Midtown abode near Piedmont Park's Oak Hill. Built in 1992, the realtor assures us all of these 3,200 square feet have been redone, though the exterior design still suggests traditionalism of decades past. Aside from the money location and sheer immensity, the home offers perks like a two-car garage, top-floor skyline views, airy living spaces and very un-1992 hardwoods. We have to quibble, however, with the tile backsplash and soul-crushing black toilet/sink combo. Another note: Non-Georgia Tech fans might want to alter the upstairs paint scheme. No one's so neurotic as to call Midtown affordable any longer, but is $750,000 a fair ask here? It's suburban-style space in a decidedly metropolitan place.
· 991 Taft Avenue NE [Estately]