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'Save the Pink Pony' Page Has 140+ 'Likes' (Is That Good?)

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More than 140 brave (sex-depraved?) souls have dedicated their Internet adoration to saving an Atlanta institution like a few others: the Pink Pony. As the Brookhaven Patch points out, a "Save the Pink Pony" Facebook page has sprung up and was approaching 150 likes on Tuesday night. According to the (surprisingly level-headed) page, complete with city council agendas and video: "The Pink Pony is under threat of being forced to close by the newly created city of Brookhaven ... With the creation of the new city, the founding fathers have decided to 'Zone Out' any existing businesses that are not to their liking." Uh-oh. The Pony has been making it rain near Buford Highway for 22 years, and is tucked discreetly among a bunch of grocery stores, car washes and offices. More classy than a lot of the joints on Cheshire Bridge (which have had their own neighborly spats), it's got its fair share of fans, literal and virtual.

The description on the aforementioned Facebook page is pretty accurate — Atlanta magazine opined on the topic in May, referencing Brookhaven's adopted measure that cites the harmful "secondary effects" caused by adult entertainment, such as increased crime, blight and DUIs." The Pony is also suing the new city, which has existed for less than a year. A Brookhaven ordinance prohibits alcohol in establishments where nude dancing occurs (a major buzzkill) and differs from the regulations in unincorporated DeKalb County, where the Pony used to be stabled. Lord knows what's gonna happen, but if you like naked ladies and booze, and, you know, your wife doesn't monitor your Facebook, go ahead and give 'em a "like."

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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