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Major Overhaul At Coke Campus Should Begin Soon

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Atlanta's most famous company (no, not Spanx) made waves two years ago when it wrapped its 26-story North Avenue tower in a brilliant 3D light display, threw an epic 125th birthday party and announced an overhaul for its global headquarters near Georgia Tech. And then nothing happened, at least outwardly. That's all about to change, as Coca-Cola Co. embarks on the largest overhaul of a corporate campus in the history of Atlanta. In August, the iconic company is expected to begin the first phase of renovations to its multi-building, 31-acre complex downtown, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports. The renovation should take several years to complete, but the changes could bring an aesthetic jolt to a dated compound that conceals one of downtown's largest green-spaces after Centennial Olympic Park. The last renovations happened in the Reagan era.

The first phase will include modernizing the 26-story tower on North Avenue, which is more than three decades old. Also expect upgrades to the Coca-Cola Plaza buildings, which were added to the campus in 1965. The overhaul's size and complexity — the campus consumes more than two million square feet — have delayed progress since renovations were first announced, the newspaper reports.

Coca-Cola officials previously said one of the first changes will be the addition of a first-floor Main Street corridor through the campus. "The ground level will show off the company's brands and history and contain amenities such as a technology store and a personal shipping center," the AJC reported in 2011. Coke also recently announced it would be relocating 1,000 high-paying jobs from Cobb County to SunTrust Plaza a few blocks away.

[Above: Coca-Cola's aged corporate headquarters. Photo: BrookwoodGroup]

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