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In Stone Mountain, This '70s Relic Is So Bad, It's Good

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This 1973 Stone Mountain home is a bit of a time capsule, which could be a huge plus or minus depending on whom you ask. For our purposes, let's assume there's at least a handful of house hunters in Atlanta with a knack for Brady Bunch styling. Exterior-wise, the home isn't too exciting (squatty roofs and aged siding), but the inside's got some groovy moments, if you're into that sort of thing. Let's get the not-so-great features out of the way; the popcorn ceilings are a drag, and the carpet that's not dingy brown happens to be in shades akin to melted popsicles. Then there are the questionable aspects, namely the kitchen. It's a mass of vintage yellow Formica, but do the new appliances make it sort of cool? And can that green bathroom pass as some sort of ironic tribute to bad taste? Look on the bright side: The place gets great light, and the open floorplan seems to have stood the test of time. With some minor tweaks, this place could totally retain its character without losing that '70s funk.
· 1803 Chartwell Trace, Stone Mountain GA 30087 [Keller Williams]