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$1.65 Million Penthouse Takes Yucky To New Heights!

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What does it say about a property when there's a wall-mounted telephone beside the master-bathroom toilet? Is that symbolic of modern convenience or a blatant red flag? We lean toward the latter. The wall-mounted phone only begins our journey into this moth-balled luxury penthouse atop the 2828 Peachtree building, which defines the antithesis of cutting-edge style. A condo hunter would be hard-pressed to find more skirted furniture and purplish columns — or a kitchen with such a jarring rainbow of wall tiles. The master bathtub strives for white-columned opulence but smacks as a dated bathing cell too gaudy for Evander Holyfield's former digs. Sure, the 21st-floor unit is cavernous, with its 5,300 square feet and 360-degree city views (substantially blocked to the south by the Gallery Buckhead condos in 2007). The good news is that relatively minor tweaks could rescue this property from its Golden Girls-era tar pit. If a buyer's willing, that is. Call us picky, but we prefer our $1.65 penthouses pretty much turnkey.
· 2828 Peachtree Road, Unit 2100 [Estately]