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The Curbed Young Guns Class of 2013 REVEALED

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to announce the inaugural class of Curbed Young Guns, a group of some of the most talented young architects, interior designers, and developers—and in some cases, folks who wear a couple of those hats—in the country. These are the junior statesmen of the design world who have already distinguished themselves in a notable way, whether it's by cutting their teeth in old-school decorating houses before founding a modern-day firm deeply rooted in those traditions, designing an innovative model for housing in Tijuana, overseeing the interiors of Brooklyn's new Barclays Center, creating an online platform that lets the public invest in unbuilt developments in their community, or working to make a Holocaust museum as thoughtful as it is beautiful. All are 35 or under, currently employed in the United States, and show extraordinary promise for decades to come.

Over the past two months, you've met many semifinalists, and starting this week, Curbed will present profiles of each of the Young Guns themselves, including testimonials from the selection committee, video profiles, recollections from former and current bosses, and impressions from local Curbed editors across the country.

And now, without further ado...>>