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As Suit Simmers, Tenant Prospects ID'd For 'Suburban Plaza'

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Selig Enterprises seems confident they'll reign victorious in an ongoing court battle with Good Growth DeKalb over the future of Decatur's Suburban Plaza. In an open letter posted on the Medlock Area Neighborhood Association's website, a Selig official says the company is confident they'll prevail over the neighborhood watchdog's lawsuit, filed in an attempt to derail redevelopment of the plaza, which sits east of downtown Decatur. During a court hearing last week, Selig's potential tenant roster was openly discussed — providing insight to what the project might offer beyond a Walmart Supercenter.

In the letter, Selig's senior vice-president, William Stogner, says the company is in "serious negotiations" with Home Goods, Joann's and Ross Dress For Less to fill the majority of the shopping center. A Walmart spokesperson told Decatur Metro that WallyWorld is still firmly committed to opening at Suburban Plaza, too. Selig has secured leases with Walmart and L.A. Fitness, and they're negotiation with "several exciting restaurant prospects" including a drive-thru Starbucks, Stogner writes.

Selig officials have said the aesthetically tired plaza will resemble the Shops Around Lenox project, named a "Development of Excellence" in 2011 by the Urban Land Institute. Developers Healey Weatherholtz Properties LLC and Alex. Brown Realty poured $35 million into an overhaul of the Lenox property.

[Above: Suburban Plaza rendering, courtesy Selig Enterprises, via]

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