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Kirkwood Bungalow Asks $279,000, Has Sweet Tea Porch

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In Kirkwood, priced at $279,000, we find the quintessential intown Atlanta home: a sturdy craftsman bungalow with the sort of front porch that promotes extroversion (and sweet tea consumption). Situated across the railroad tracks from Lake Claire, and thus a hike to "downtown Kirkwood," this remodeled charmer offers much for the relatively affordable asking price. Just shy of 1,500 square feet, it boasts three bedrooms, two bathrooms and high ceilings. The kitchen gets all industrial chic with poured-concrete countertops and a Viking range. The creaky, authentic charm is almost palpable in the listing photos, and nowhere more so than the living room, home to a double-sided decorative fireplace. Not pictured: a small, fenced yard. This place sold for substantially more ($295,000) in pre-bust 2006. She'll turn 100 in 2022.
· 345 Clifford Ave. NE [Zillow]