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This Cottage Is 900 Square Feet — Serenbe Style

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This Serenbe cottage proves that rustic can feel contemporary and that quality space doesn't have to be exceptionally large. It's a loft-style, 900 square-foot space but feels larger, with two bedrooms, two baths and enough deck space to host the neighborhood. For $295,000, it's geothermal equipped and solar-ready, with real hardwoods, custom cabinetry and designer finishes. It joins a group of 15 small-footprint cottages called "The Nest" in the newest section of Serenbe, that bucolic wonderland of 1,000 acres about 30 minutes from the airport. The home is EarthCraft-certified green, comes with concierge recycling and compost services, and it sits a stone's throw from a six-acre lake. From here, it's walking distance to an elementary school, grocery store, restaurants, shops, galleries, a spa and horse pastures a-plenty. Serenbe invited Curbed Atlanta to stay here for a night, and we can attest that the home's biggest perk — the stress-erasing quietude at night — does not appear on the listing.
· 10532 Serenbe Lane [Serenbe]
[Photos: Josh Green, Curbed Atlanta]