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Home Depot Co-Founder's Big-Pimpin' Manse Asks $3.2M

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Who knew Bernie Marcus was big-pimpin' like this? Property records confirm this stylish, 10,000 square-foot estate near Sandy Springs belongs to the Home Depot co-founder, aquarium benefactor and philanthropic all-star. Sotheby's has listed the property at $3.2 million, and that includes the hugely unnecessary heated driveway. For a house built in 1987, it still qualifies as contemporary, with clean lines, southwestern undertones and open spaces galore, though the occasional appearance of turquoise and pink harkens Miami Vice. Inside, you'll find a relatively modest five bedrooms and five baths. Highlights include the two-story living room, stellar indoor lap pool, cavernous wine cellar and dedicated "pray room." But the cherry on this cake has to be the Warhol-esque portrait of the magnate himself, next to a recliner where many-a business deals were surely brokered — and crossword puzzles completed. Records show the property (likely the land only) sold for $260,000 back in 1985, and it's aged pretty well. Our advice would be to barter that self-portrait into the deal. Would be one hell of a conversation piece.
· 7460 Wildercliff Drive [Sotheby's International]