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Fry's Latest Concept To Anchor Krog Street Market

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New renderings and bits of vital information are starting to put the hotly anticipated Krog Street Market project into context. Our sister site, Eater Atlanta, reports that chef/Atlanta empire builder Ford Fry's new Mex-Tex (sic) restaurant will anchor the revamped 1920s warehouse complex. Fry is calling "Superica" — a mishmash of "super" and "taqueria" — a casual spot that draws inspiration from his favorite dining haunts in Austin. Plans call for Superica to anchor the market in a sizable corner space with an indoor/outdoor patio equipped to host live music along Krog Street.

Superica is slated to open by early 2014. Overall, the West Coast-style marketplace should open later this year, with offerings such as Grand Champion BBQ, the Spotted Trotter and an Eli Kirshtein project. Fry has tapped Parts and Labor, a New York-based boutique firm founded by Andrew Cohen and Jeremy Levitt, to design the space. Eater interviewed Cohen, and the exchange sheds light on the overall approach to the market:

"The idea is to embrace the locality and what it embodies both architecturally and culturally," Cohen told Eater. "The challenge is more so that [the market] is a part of a developer's larger vision as a marketplace, while what's most important to us is to establish the identity of the restaurant as a distinct anchor to the marketplace and a unique food destination. It also is charged with the mission of being fun, edgy, and a bit unexpected. Key to the success of the project will be to be recognized as something authentic that was born out of a sense of place and built by local trades, fabricators, and artisans."

The first signs of life at the market could come within weeks. Krog's website indicates At The Collective, relocated to make way for the 280 Elizabeth Development down the street, is set to open next month in a relocated cottage on site.

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