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Feng Shui Is Missing In This Japanese-y Contemporary

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This Sandy Springs listing presents a whole lot of random WTF moments, leaving one to guess exactly where the feng shui mentioned in the description comes into play. Staged it is not. At any rate, the 1974 structure itself isn't the most attractive $750,000 listing we've seen; then again, looks certainly aren't everything in the red hot housing market between I-285 and the 'Hooch. Although it's not listed as a distressed property, the vibe coming from the photos feels otherwise. A haphazard mix of holiday decorations, worldly accessories and clumps of strange things permeate, with nary a picture on the wall. The 1980s bathroom deluxe (mauve carpet, gray wallpaper and a black tub) is something of a period piece. Maybe the owners were in the process of packing, or perhaps the feng shui was being reorganized. At any rate, it wasn't a good time to take pictures.
· 855 Overhill Court [Coldwell Banker]