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Was NASCAR Shrine An Albatross ATL Didn't Need?

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For Atlantans still burned about losing the NASCAR Hall of Fame to Charlotte in 2006 — well, an article this week in the Charlotte Business Journal could prove a soothing ointment. Since opening in 2010, the NASCAR shrine has run deficits, including a $1.6 million loss during the year ending June 30. Charlotte boosters are spinning the figures as somewhat positive news. After all, those results beat projections by $600,000, y'all! "There's a good news story and that is that we did a lot better than we thought we were going to do," one official told the newspaper. "The other side of that story is we have a lot more work to do. And we didn't plan on solving all of the problems the first year." Is the Centennial Park area better off without this tourist attraction? Or do you think it would've fared better in a tourism magnet like ATL in the first place?
· NASCAR hall loses $1.6M, execs see hope for future [CBJ]